“We think quality is very crucial in production. Best quality/price ratio is our main goal.”

Our firm was founded in 1995 as small machining workshop. Having a qualified technical management and a well equipped workshop with an up-to-date technology, now MIPSAN is a quite experienced company in its field and have successful contracts in many foreign countries, particularly in Europe. Our main service is to manufacture machine and machinery parts to the companies of various sectors like steel production, plant manufacturing and automobile. Machine frames and sleeper moulds are also a big part of our production line.


To produce high quality and reliable products according to the most known standards and customer needs. Delivery timing, accuracy and precision in production is what Mipsan aims in every stage of manufacturing.

We complete our orders in conformance with ISO 9001:2015. We’re a certified company from German certification company Tuev Thüringen. Also any kind of welding of the parts are completed professionally with our certified welders from SZUTEST Foundation.